TRADE Advisory’s flagship offering is the TRADE-DSM (Decision Support Model) Navigator™ which is an analytical tool that identifies realistic export opportunities for both export-ready and active exporting companies that wish to expand their sales reach into foreign markets.  Part of the value in the TRADE-DSM™ lies in its ability to offer alternatives to exporters that are facing saturation and/or declining growth in their traditional markets.

The TRADE-DSM™ methodology (developed by the NWU TRADE research entity) takes into consideration all possible worldwide product-country combinations and, using four filters, systematically eliminates less promising markets until those with the greatest prospects of success are revealed.

Filter 1 of the TRADE-DSM™ assesses countries from the point of view of their political and commercial risk, and macroeconomic stability. Filter 2 assesses the market potential of the various product groups for the remaining countries, as determined by import growth and import market size. Filter 3 examines the accessibility of the remaining countries in terms of their different barriers to entry and degree of market concentration.  Filter 4 then categorises the final round of potential export markets according to the volume of South Africa’s current exports going to these markets, and the latter’s size, growth potential and accessibility.  Finally, by assigning a potential export value to each identified product-market combination, the shortlisted export opportunities can be prioritised according to various criteria, e.g. potential export value, market accessibility, etc.

The TRADE-DSM™’s thoroughly-researched and highly scientific screening approach helps to take the guesswork out of export market selection, thereby paving the way for more focused and cost-effective export ventures.

TRADE Advisory offers an applied research service that involves identifying the most promising export opportunities for products and services emanating from particular sectors, provinces and countries, using the TRADE-DSM™ methodology.

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