TRADE Research Advisory (Pty) Ltd, is a spin-out  company of the North-West University, providing strategic and practical assistance to government entities and business concerns in how to optimise their regional or global presence, from the perspective of economic development and/or export expansion.

TRADE Advisory’s flagship offering is the TRADE-DSM Navigator ™ which is an analytical tool that identifies realistic export opportunities for both export-ready and active exporting companies that wish to expand their sales reach into foreign markets.

The TRADE-DSM™ methodology (developed by the NWU TRADE research entity) takes into consideration all possible worldwide product-country combinations and, using four filters, systematically eliminates less promising markets until those with the greatest prospects of success are revealed.

Part of the value in the TRADE-DSM™ lies in its ability to offer alternatives to exporters that are facing saturation and/or declining growth in their traditional markets.

International TRAde and DEvelopment Research and Advisory Services

Quantitative Analysis & Modelling, Economic Impact Studies, Strategy Formulation, Policy Support

Specialised market research